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Adult Orthodontics

Thanks to Orthodontics, which corrects the anomalies in the position of the teeth, you can have a pretty smile, no matter your age.

The most comfortable and innovative orthodontic treatment for adults is invisible orthodontics system. Our orthodontist is enabled by the American House INVISALIGN, which is the creator of the system and the pioneer on its development.

Invisalign is a system made by a set of aligners which are manufactured for measure for every patient. These are changed as the treatment progresses. Aligners are both imperceptible (they are transparent) and removable. As a result, contrary to what happens with brackets, aligners are more comfortable because they can be removed to eat and to brush our teeth.

However, if you need to wear braces, the aesthetic ones are a very good solution for adults as they imitate perfectly the natural dental enamel.